Civic Engagement


The Civic Engagement Program seeks to empower the Palestinian youth as Palestine’s future leaders and to transform them from spectators to actors by identifying, motivating and developing their potential through a unique and holistic approach that employs culture as the tool of training. With its civic engagement initiatives and projects, the program helps youth to articulate significant civic issues and become engaged in society.Yet, what perhaps has become the ultimate objective of this program is to bring ‘hope’ to the young people who go through the process, thus fulfilling the vision of Diyar at large. If a person is hopeful, then that person can become active and involved in one’s community; otherwise, a sense of alienation and disengagement will take control of his/her life leading to despair.

The Latest about The Civic Engagement Program

In 2013 there were 191 young men and women graduates who received intensive training through 10 workshops and engaged in civic and cultural activities that were designed to enhance their capacities and understanding of leadership, culture and civil society issues. The number of graduates increased this year by 8.5% from 2012, making it the highest number of youth graduating from leadership training in any given year so far.